28 diciembre 2014

How to create better audio for your video production - TNW Lifehacks

How to create better audio for your video production - TNW Lifehacks:

betteraudio"hances are, if you or your business is using social media to reach out and interact with consumers, you’ve either already got content on YouTube, Vimeo, etc., or are seriously contemplating it. Whether it’s a 1,2,3, one stop production house like animoto.com, or something a bit more in depth, video is where it’s at, and if you’re not there already – what are you waiting for?

Don’t just take my word for it. Market research firm eMarketer recently published an outlook that will see spending on online video advertising grow more than 48% this year alone, reaching a cool $1.5 billion. By 2014, eMarketer is projecting numbers in the $5.5 billion ballpark.
And while I’ve seen a number of outstanding tutorials on how to write a killer script, when and where to deliver your message, I’m hard pressed to find a decent outline regarding the production of crystal clear audio behind your video. Let’s face it…your production could be all the eye candy you could ever imagine, but if the audio isn’t up to par, who’s going to watch it?"

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