01 diciembre 2015

Dare to be Digital: Transforming Your Workplace

Dare Digital Transform Workplace Social

Dare to be Digital: Transforming Your Workplace:

 "Many companies introduce enterprise social networks like Yammer, experiment with eliminating offices and creating open workspaces, and enable more flexible and mobile ways of working. They anticipate that these initiatives will help them to better deal with turbulent, rapidly changing environments that require collaboration and agility to deliver more complex digital solutions in rapid cycles.

Digital business environments offer opportunities to deliver customer solutions rather than distinct products and services. The problem is that if you try to bundle, stitch, customize, or link products and services to build end-to-end solutions within traditional hierarchical and siloed work environments, then you make working life very hard. While most companies acknowledge the need to revise the way they work, many are finding this very difficult to do."

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